A National Treasure !

With over 400 years of history, Matsumoto Castle is 1 of only 5 castles designated a “National Treasure” of Japan. The other 4 include Himeji, Hikone, Inuyama and Matsue Castles. The original construction dates from 1593 to 1594. The castle walls contain the oldest original five-tiered, six-story castle tower that still exists in Japan today.

Matsumoto Castle’s architecture is characteristic of the Sengoku period (Warring States Period). The castle tower’s elegant, imposing appearance and dominant black outer walls earn it the nickname “Crow Castle”. This is also the only original castle with a moon observation tower constructed after the Sengoku period. These unique features, and many others, make it a must-see destination during your stay in Japan.

After dark, an illuminated feudal castle turns into a magnificent spectacle, an experience you will never forget. Moreover, many festival are also held at the site that include a unique opportunity to see the Modern Samurai in action!

Immerse yourself in Matsumoto Castle’s authentic atmosphere. Contemplate a picturesque view of the Japan Alps from atop of its tower and share in a living part of Samurai history! A must-visit spot during your stay!

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