The Largest Wasabi Farm in Japan !

Like a little spice? The base of the Japanese Alps is home to several Wasabi farms, from the small plots nestled among the multitude of rice fields to Japan’s largest Wasabi farm in Azumino City, right next to Matsumoto. Thanks to the fabulous natural environment of the region, a journey into this Japanese countryside is a unique experience not to be missed!

Wasabi is an essential element in Japanese cuisine and is particularly renowned as an accompaniment to Japanese sushi and soba noodle. A visit to this wasabi farm is a world of discovery in all the secrets of this famously zesty ingredient.

Many Wasabi-based products are available there, including popular Wasabi ice cream which has made the farms their reputation, Wasabi sausages, Wasabi burger, etc. There’s even amazing Wasabi beer!

Take a stroll through the Wasabi fields during your stay. And discover this must-see experience just a few kilometers from Matsumoto!