Night walk through the Sakura at Matsumoto Castle

Sakura at Matsumoto Castle panorama

With the onset of spring comes the much-anticipated cherry blossom season. The Japanese know how to celebrate this event as it should! Matsumoto City is adorned with the most beautiful pink and white pigments. But do you know what happens after dark? Matsumoto and its historic castle are lit up for an even more impressive sight! Join us for a night walk through the Sakura at Matsumoto Castle.

The interior garden of the castle

The grounds inside the castle are normally closed after 4:30 pm. But during the Night Time Cherry Blossoms Festival, access is permitted to the interior garden of Matsumoto Castle for a limited time.

It is from this garden that the most impressive spectacle presents itself. A quick glance at the photos below will give you a glimpse of what to expect!

Around the castle

The exterior areas of the castle are also worth a visit. Although the castle is illuminated every night of the year, however this event is an extra special time to enjoy an evening stroll through Matsumoto and not to be missed.

The view of the cherry blossoms along the moat on the north side of the castle is also spectacular.

Tradition and Culture

Every evening, a traditional tea ceremony is organized in the interior garden of the castle. Flute musicians, and other traditional Japanese musical instrument players perform. Some of these instruments include the Koto and Gagaku. This traditional concert is performed from the Moon Observation Tower atop the Matsumoto Castle keep.

Observation Moon Wing Matsumoto Castle


Please note that visitor access inside the Matsumoto Castle keep is not permitted after 4:30 pm when it closes (Last entry 4 pm).

If you’d like to include this event (while it’s open for attendance) as part of a personalized guided tour of the city, please check the links below!

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Matsumoto Discovery – Walking Private Tour

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