The Modern Samurai !

Date : May and October

Matsumoto offers a unique opportunity to see the Modern Samurai in action through an impressive performance combining historical discovery with an amazingly breathtaking show! These classical gunnery exercises are held two times a year at Matsumoto Castle. These exercices are organized and carried out by formations of the city’s Gun Corps. Matsumoto Castle Gun Corps maintain a large collection of classical Samurai armor and weapons.

The Samurai are best known worldwide as legendary sword fighters. But through the ages with the introduction of new weapons, they have gradually adapted to modern warfare and became true firearms experts as well.

During this event, you may observe traditional gunnery training exercises followed by a live firing demonstration with Matsumoto Gun Corps. See the different troop formations and the procedures for maintaining, loading and firing these weapons as well as the different tactics used in battle.

Enjoy this unique and timeless experience within surroundings only Matsumoto City and its historic castle can provide. A chance to rub shoulders with real Modern Samurai in an ancient ancestral atmosphere. When the guns stop and the smoke finally clears you’re sure to come away with enduring memories!