An Authentic Onsen Experience !

Matsumoto City and its surroundings are renowned for their natural beauty, but also for the quality of their hot springs (onsen). Matsumoto has two onsen villages out on the eastern edges of the city. Asama Onsen is perhaps the more famous of the two and the most easily accessible. You will also find many hot springs in the mountains of the Kamikochi Valley and the Norikura Highlands.

There are nearly 14 important spa resorts spread between downtown Matsumoto and the surrounding valleys. This makes Matsumoto City an ideal destination for all travelers looking to experience the traditional spirit of an authentic Japanese hot springs and onsen.

In downtown Matsumoto, we highly recommend you to visit Shioinoyu Onsen. This neighborhood sento bath house has been maintained by the Tanaka family for over a century. It is the perfect place to take a moment and share an enjoyable experience of history, Japanese culture and relaxation. This onsen sits along a narrow side street and is located just a few minutes walk from the famous Matsumoto Castle.

When visiting Matsumoto, enjoy an authentic onsen experience and feel the spirit of Japan through its heritage and traditions!