A breathtaking panorama of Matsumoto Valley !

Alps Park is located in the northwestern area of Matsumoto City. It is where you can enjoy a serine natural environment with best views of the whole Matsumoto Valley. Take in a breathtaking panorama of Matsumoto City and the Japan Alps from atop the observation platform!

Beside the platform, there is a nature museum and small zoo which is home to some of the famous Japanese macaques “snow monkeys”. Plenty of playground equipment and a climbing area are available too, even a large roller slide designed just for kids!

Alps Park is the perfect spot to see spring cherry blossoms, have a summer picnic, view autumn leaves or just a time-out from the city. There are plenty of trails to explore the surrounding nature area of Matsumoto too!

Offering spectacular four season views overlooking the whole Matsumoto Valley, Alps Park is the perfect place to unwind surrounded by nature and lots of outdoor activities!