A National Cultural Assets !

Kamikochi valley is a protected park about 50 kilometers in the western region of Matsumoto city. This National Park is a very popular touristic place for nature lovers. For environmental reasons, private vehicles are restricted from entering the park which involves that the park is only accessible by public transport. Kamikochi is closed during the winter season.

From the Taisho Pond, view an amazing vista of the surrounding mountains. On a sunny day, the mountains are reflected on the mirror like waters. Up the Azusa River lies the Kappa Bridge provides popular photo opportunities and is easily accessible by walk. The most popular spot in Kamikochi.

Kamikochi offers plenty of leisurely walks and popular hikes. From the walking trails along Azusa River to the rigorous hikes up to the mountain, enjoy fresh air, spectacular scenery and the many souvenir shops and restaurants.

Designated as one of the Japan’s National Cultural Assets, Kamikochi valley is a very popular attraction thanks to its beautiful mountains and treasured natural landscape.