Feel the Powerful Taiko Drums !

Date : End of July

The Matsumoto Taiko Festival is held every year at the end of July and performed at Matsumoto Castle. Featuring some of the best local Taiko musicians and other groups from all over Japan, this is an event not to be missed!

Taiko is the traditional art of Japanese “kettle drum”. A group of large drums, each with a drummer is arranged on stage and perform in harmonious sync.

Drumming performances begin in the afternoon and continue late in the night. See, hear and feel the powerful Taiko drums with the fully illuminated Matsumoto Castle as a unique backdrop. Take in impressive sights and sounds as the day descends into night around the brightly lit stage!

The Matsumoto Taiko Festival is the perfect event for music lovers. Experience a series of powerful musical performances from popular to traditional that amaze you. Enjoy a unique aspect of Japanese culture in a very exciting and entertaining way!