Enjoy the park and explore a part of Matsumoto history !

Just down the street from Matsumoto City Art Museum and the Fukashi Shrine there lies a patch of nature called Agatanomori Park. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a peaceful retreat in a beautiful place, with ponds, waterfalls, tall shade trees and some charming old buildings. A great location for couples, families, or just anyone who wants a little escape from downtown!

Enjoy the cherry blossoms in spring or bright auburn leaves in autumn. You can even make a snowman here in the winter! On a nice sunny day, you can see some animals, enjoy a snack, read a book or just enjoy a stroll through the park.

In the heart of Agatanomori Park there is a little bit of city history to explore too, with a tour of the Former High School Memorial. The Historical High School building, built in 1919 during the Taisho Period. It has a typical western-style wooden architecture which is quite rare in Japan. The Historical High School building has been registered as an important cultural property in Matsumoto city.

Agatanomori Park is more than just a natural place to unwind, with open spaces to relax and play. It’s also a fascinating place to explore a small part of Matsumoto history!