A Historic Street !

Nakamachi Street is a historic shopping area known for its old traditional storehouses called “Kura”. This street was once a favorite stopover for travelers on their journey from Edo (Old Tokyo) to the famous Zenko-ji Buddhist Temple in Nagano City. Many commercial establishments sprung up there over time, from traditional Japanese inns (Ryokan) to Kimono shops to Sake breweries.

Nowadays, Nakamachi retains this mercantile spirit, landmark of which is the old “Kurassic-kan”, a fully restored Sake warehouse, open to the public for viewing and host to many cultural activities.

This street is a popular shopping area among the locals with many shops and restaurants to choose from. Nakamachi is essential on any walking tour of Matsumoto along with it’s neighboring sister the historic Nawate Street.

Explore Nakamachi Street’s many historical buildings with their characteristic black-and-white, criss-cross patterned walls!