Timepiece Museum

Located near Nawate Steet, this museum contains nearly 300 fully functioning timepieces. The collection includes Western as well as Japanese models. Some of the timepieces are quite whimsical and typifying of Japanese culture. Even the exterior facade of the building is unique. It features the largest pendulum clock in all of Japan!

Scale Museum, Silk and traditional Kura

Located on historic Nakamachi Street, this museum showcases the history of the weight scale in Japan. Featured are antique models dating back before the Meiji Era all the way to the early Showa period. Some of these scales were used to weigh silk worm cocoons. In those days, Matsumoto was an important stop on an ancient silk road that used to link Suwa to the famous city of Takayama. At the back of the museum an ancient Kura (traditional warehouse) still stands, which was once made into a small residential townhouse.

Old Higher School Museum

Dating back to the Meiji Restoration, this was one of forty-one high schools first founded in Japan during that era. Few of these original schools even exist today. A visit inside this museum is a good way to explore the history of Matsumoto. While nearby is Agatanomori Park, a great place to play and enjoy a moment of relaxation.