Frozen Art at Matsumoto Castle !

Date : From end of January to early February

The Ice Sculpture Festival is one of the most important festivals in Matsumoto City and takes place every winter around Matsumoto Castle. Sculptors from all over Japan and around the world work tirelessly into the night sawing and carving blocks of ice, transforming them into spectacular pieces of frozen art!

During the Matsumoto Castle Ice Sculpture Festival, come witness the sculptors in action from sundown to late into the night! On the next morning, all the completed works will be on display in front of Matsumoto Castle and the mountains of the Japan Alps, creating a uniquely picturesque scene!

Experience a Japanese Taiko Drums performance, and other live shows on an outdoor stage. Many activities are available for the kids, including a long ice slide! Plenty of local foods and beverages are available too. Try warming up with some hot local Sake!

Visit Matsumoto Castle during mid-winter and come enjoy the festivities and these frosty masterpieces!