A Gastronomic Event !

Date : October

Soba noodles are the most famous local food in Nagano Prefecture. The noodles are crafted from Soba buckwheat flour. Once a year in October, Matsumoto Castle hosts a Soba Festival. Sample from a variety of Soba products from local area farms and from all over Japan at this Soba Festival!

Matsumoto benefits from a diverse natural environment to make quality soba. The land here has been carefully cultivated and maintained. Fresh clean spring water flows from the mountains into the many farms all around the city. Pure natural waters are just one of the many essential elements for excellent soba.

Select many other fresh and tasty local foods here too, offering famous Shinshu apples, and other treats. Find items from the many food trucks and stalls including tacos, grilled meats, crepes, assorted beverages and more!

Enjoy Nagano Prefecture and Matsumoto’s famous Soba and other local eats at this delicious fall event in the castle town city!