A breathtaking Natural and Cultural Beauty !

Date : Early April (during the Cherry Blossoms Full Bloom)

The world famous Sakura (cherry blossoms) reach their peak around April in Matsumoto, making the whole city seem like it’s in bloom! Matsumoto Castle hosts a fantastic Night Time Cherry Blossom viewing event every year at this time.

Visit Matsumoto Castle after dusk when the cherry blossoms are out in full glory! Enjoy a sight of effervescent splendor as you walk along the eastern moat of this ancient Feudal castle. Feel the light spring breeze as it gently blows the luminous blossoms from the trees and gradually casts them into the moat’s serene waters!

There’s even more breathtaking natural and cultural beauty inside as well! Traditional tea ceremony services are provided for guests during this Night Time Cherry Blossom viewing festival. An array of traditional musical instruments including Koto harps and Gagaku gongs are played by master musicians and the melody of a traditional flute orchestra fills the night air!

Going to Matsumoto Castle during the day is one of the best ways to see cherry blossoms at their peak. However if you want a truly unforgetable experience, wait around the castle until after dark. You’ll be glad you did!