The Hidden Shrine !

Hidden among the tall modern buildings in downtown Matsumoto City, Kasamori Inari Shrine is dedicated to Inari, a deity of the rice harvest and prosperity in business. Kasamori Inari Shrine stands alongside Jorinji Temple. This temple is fronted by a wooden gate constructed during the Edo period over 200 years ago. This gate is considered the oldest wooden gate in Matsumoto.

Inside you will find a beautiful garden and a charming bell-tower, intricate dragon carving, giant white foxes and colorfully painted wooden adornments. This is an inspirational place, where Shinto Shrine and Buddhist Temple are found in traditional unity, yet just outside these walls is the stark contrast of modernity.

Over the years this important temple-shrine complex has been protected by many important people from the threat of progress and demolition. Today, one can still appreciate this representation of typical Matsumoto style cultural heritage with its three-scroll pattern cascading from the struts of the temple roof.

On your way to the historic Matsumoto Castle, stop by the Kasamori Inari’s hidden shrine. And catch a glimpse of two traditions, Shinto and Buddhism living in harmony!