The Other National Treasure !

Matsumoto Castle was designated a National Treasure in 1952 and for many years remained the only one in Matsumoto City. Then in 2019, the Kaichi Elementary School became a designated National Treasure as well. Therefore this school is of significant historical importance to Japan.

The Former Kaichi School, built at the beginning of the Meiji Period, is one of Japan’s very first schools. This historical structure is representative of both Japanese and Western architecture. The architecture is called Giyōfū and reassembles Western style in appearance, yet relies on traditional Japanese construction techniques.

The facade of the school is a prime example of this blended architecture. The bay windows are made with glass imported from France, the tiled roof is traditional Japanese and the carved dragon is clearly Far-Eastern with a touch of Buddhism.

Explore the hallways of this historical school building and experience another vestige of the past. Take a perfect opportunity to discover the other National Treasure of Matsumoto City!