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Japanese On the Spot Course

Japanese On the Spot Course : Meet your native Japanese speaking Instructor for face-to-face lessons!

Speaking Japanese requires some fundamental skills in verbal communication. All our lessons are individual one-on-one, which helps you focus on improving your communication skills and encourages spontaneous verbal interaction in levels ranging from the basics to business level mastery. Your instructor is a certified Japanese language teacher and will teach you a better understanding of Japanese culture as you learn the language.

Our lessons take place in a public space so after each session you can to apply your new language skills right away!

Two locations are available : Matsumoto Station and Nagano Station

Learn Japanese at your own pace!

  • Introductory Japanese Course : Intended for those who are beginning to learn Japanese. You will learn the most basic Japanese needed to get around Japan. Your instructor will focus on everyday situations such as shopping, ordering food and drinks at a restaurant, booking accommodations, asking directions, etc.
  • Elementary Japanese Course : Intended for those who already have strong basic skills in Japanese. You will learn how to more actively engage in conversations, such as providing assistance, explaining a problem to someone and discussing possible solutions, etc.
  • Buisness Japanese Course : Intended for those who want to further develop their Japanese skills in order to pursue a position in a Japanese company. Study includes practical Japanese expressions used in the business world and honorific language used in speaking with clients and coworkers.


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