A Historic Onsen Village

Located north of Matsumoto City, Asama-Onsen Village is the perfect place to experience one of the many natural hot springs in the area. Onsen are an integral part of Japanese culture and are recognized for their many therapeutic properties. Matsumoto is one of the best destinations in Japan today to enjoy these thermal springs.

Asama-Onsen became popular back in the 17th century, when one of the lords of Matsumoto Castle built the first of the many Onsen still present in the village today. But the history of the village dates back an even futher 1,500 years. Within that time, the village was first founded by a small group of migrants from Korea.

There are also many hiking trails around the village. From the top of the surrounding hills, a breathtaking view of the city and the Japanese Alps awaits you.

For Japanese cuisine lovers, Asama-Onsen offers many traditional restaurants serving Soba (buckwheat noodles), the most famous dish in the region!

And the Asama Onsen’s Taimatsu Matsuri Fire Festival, a traditional ritual of thanks for a good harvest turning massive pillars of straw into giant torches, takes place each year on the second Saturday in October.

Explore some of Matsumoto’s history as you enjoy the best Japanese tradition has to offer: Make your own handmade Soba and taste it too, experience local sake and wasabi, then soak in the warm waters of your own private Onsen!

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