Nawate Street’s Shrine !

Located right on the historic Nawate Street, Yohashira shrine was built during the Meiji Period (1868-1912) and is dedicated to four Shinto deities. This unique feature is rare in Japan. Because so many deities are gathered together in one place, Japanese commonly believe this shrine provides special wish-granting properties!

Yohashira Shrine is therefore an important place for locals and many festivals are held here throughout the year. Children’s Day (on the 5th of May) is celebrated at the shrine and many families come to pray for each child’s well-being. The shrine also hosts an annual Butai (wooden float) festival where an array of the city’s traditional Butai are on display. A must-see during your stay in Matsumoto!

For more information about the giant Butai wooden floats, do not hesitate to read our page here.

Yohashira Shrine is also a must-visit site for viewing cherry blossoms in the spring, enjoying colorful leaves in the fall and on New Year’s Day, when many locals come for their first shrine visit of the new year. And it’s located right nearby Matsumoto Castle!