A getaway in the heart of the Japanese Alps

Located just a few minutes from Matsumoto, Azumino City is an important stopover for discovering all the charms that our region has to offer. After visiting the historic Matsumoto Castle, several possibilities are available. Stay in Matsumoto and discover all the secrets of this Castle Town, or set off to explore the Japanese countryside.

This is what Azumino offers you, a real immersion into local rural life. Even with its varied agricultural activities though, the city has one that sticks out, its many Wasabi fields. As you move through the valley, it is almost impossible to miss them! From small local producers to the largest Wasabi farm in Japan, this little spicy green condiment has made the whole region famous.

For Japanese cuisine lovers, Azumino, like the whole region, is renowned for the quality of its buckwheat noodles and rice. Azumino also holds an annual “Tambo Art” or “Rice Paddy Art” Festival.

But that’s not all! The other major asset of Azumino City is found all around this small town and is omnipresent. The Japanese Alps Mountain range is one of the most beautiful in the world and one of the most attractive on the entire Asian continent. Its mountains are among the most famous in the world and the Kamikochi National Park attracts tourists from all over the globe.

Its breathtaking landscape is even more appreciable during a bike ride. This is an excellent way to visit Azumino’s many excellent Onsen and many other points of interest.

However, a slightly more unusual discovery is available here too. Take a hike on the Former JR Line Railway Trail that used to connect Matsumoto to Nagano. A real journey through time and the history of Japanese railways, a real part of Japanese culture!