A Japanese Sake Story !

Sake has been an essential part of Japanese culture for over 2000 years and Matsumoto is home to many traditional sake breweries. Made primarily from rice and water, local breweries benefit from the abundently fresh natural environment to make excellent quality sake, thanks to the purest mountain spring water and locally grown rice. Take a tour of a local Sake brewery. You’ll get a glimpse inside the makings of Japanese history, culture and society!

There are many types of sake to match each and every taste. While the process of making sake is akin to brewing beer, the finished product is best paired with different foods like western wine, designed to match the flavor profiles of any local meal!

After touring the factory, you’re welcome to visit a traditional house, the former residence of the brewery’s owners. Make yourself feel at ease in the atmosphere of a typical Japanese country home!

A Sake brewery is definitely worth a visit as well as a Miso Factory! In fact, they both require a similar brewing process and Matsumoto City is home to a local miso brewery you can visit before or after touring the sake brewery!

While you’re in town, come enjoy a tour and try some sake. (Note* People less than 20 years old are not allowed to drink alcohol in Japan)