Japanese food and culinary tradition!

Nagano Prefecture is the largest producer of miso (soybean paste) in all of Japan, being responsible for almost half of the country’s total production. Miso is an essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine and a very healthy one too. Japanese people consume miso soup many times a day, almost every single day. But there are many other ways to enjoy miso besides soup. So it is no surprise it is one of the most important foods for Japanese people. Here in Matsumoto, you will find one of the oldest miso brewery in Japan, still producing miso in the uniquely traditional and natural way. Using 100-year-old cedar fermenting barrels, the taste of this traditional hand-made miso is much deeper and tastier than mass-produced miso you typically find in the supermarket.

After touring the miso brewery, you can enjoy the brewery’s delicious miso lunch including pork miso soup, salad with miso dressing, miso rice balls, miso pickles and even delicious miso ice cream!

Miso is produced in much the same way as sake. In fact, they both require a similar brewing process and Matsumoto City is also home to many local sake breweries. If you desire, you can visit both a miso and a sake brewery all in the same day!

A miso tour is an essential experience for all foodies and lovers of traditional Japanese cuisine. You may not want to go back to supermarket miso ever again once you have tasted the real thing!