Leisure Time On Nakamachi Street in Downtown Matsumoto

This afternoon I enjoyed a leisure time and a relaxing stroll on Nakamachi Street in historical downtown Matsumoto. It’s a short distance from Matsumoto Station and my workplace.

Leisure Time on Nakamachi Street

The Market Street

Nakamachi Street is a small stretch of about four blocks from Honmachi Street to Ohashi Street. Historically this was the central market for Matsumoto dating back to feudal times. Today it is a great place to visit for tourists and residents alike. A one-way street only for vehicles, there are very wide sidewalks here, so it is easily walkable. I like shopping for gifts, eating a casual meal or just relaxing and browsing the store windows here.

Local Foods

This street has many small local shops and restaurants. I like the Soba noodle shop of course! I really enjoy the traditional way of dipping the Soba in soy sauce with Wasabi mustard and chopped scallions. But save some of that dipping sauce for later! After completing the meal, a pot of the Soba cooking remnants is brought out and you can mix this with your leftover sauce. The result is a beverage that is both sweet and savory. A great finish! There are also Ramen shops, cafes, cakes and even a Hawaiian hamburger shop here!

Local Folk Arts and Crafts

There are many stores packed in the handful of blocks on this street selling the wares from local craftspeople and artisans. From handmade ceramic bowls and glassware to local lacquer wood crafts to hand woven baskets and fabrics, this is the place to shop! I like hunting for bargains on traditional kitchen and dining utensils like tea cups, coffee mugs, bowls, wooden trays and colorful hand towels called Tenuguri. Traditional kimono fabrics and wooden Geta sandals can be found here too!  

Visit Nakamachi Street

Nakamachi Street is conveniently located in downtown. From Matsumoto Station you can take a bus, rent a free bicycle or just take a short walk. It only takes about 10 minutes.  

Matsumoto Discovery - Walking Private Tour
Matsumoto Discovery – Walking Private Tour

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