Matsumoto City: Cultural Significance of the Historical Castle Town

Japanese Alps view
Japan is one of the most integrated countries in the world, mixing modernity and deep-rooted tradition. Its large metropolises such as Tokyo and Osaka, its traditional cities like Kyoto and the sumptuous landscapes offered by Mount Fuji as well as the Japanese countryside make this country one of the most important tourist destinations in Asia.

Beyond the Clichés

Here in Matsumoto City, off the beaten popular tourist track, is where you will find more than the usual Japanese clichés. Matsumoto invites you to discover the Japanese ancestral way of life where traditions and culture remains.

Feudal-era Castle & Samurai

With its real Feudal-era Castle registered as a National Treasure of Japan, discover the city and its castle’s history intrinsically linked to the Samurai’s history. Experience for yourself this ancestral fighting art

Historical Streets

A wander through its historic streets (Nawate, Nakamachi) and you will fell the atmosphere of yesteryear. You will explore local craftsmen and their traditional skills.

Wasabi Farm

A few kilometres from the city, stands the Japan’s largest Wasabi Farm. There, you can discover all the secrets of this essential plant in Japanese cuisine, from its manufacture to its consumption, and enjoy an exotic stroll through the Wasabi fields.

Local Gastronomy

Matsumoto cuisine is represented by Soba (buckwheat noodles) that you can prepare and taste yourself! Or discover the Nagano Prefecture’s apples, famous throughout the country and which you can pick right from the tree.

And of course, a visit to a local Sake Brewery is a must to discover the most famous beverage in the country which takes advantage of its various natural environment to make a excellent quality sake. You will learn the different stages involved in producing sake, and taste the different types of local sake.

Japanese Traditional Art

The Japanese woodblock prints museum (Ukiyo-e) holds the largest private collection of ukiyo-e in the world. Here you will discover one of the most interesting facets of Japanese Traditional Arts.

A Countryside Getaway

For nature lovers, Matsumoto and its Japanese Alps (Kamikochi, Norikura) offers a rich and preserved nature. An ideal place for hiking or winter sports.

Visit Matsumoto

Matsumoto City offers much more. By visiting Matsumoto, it is a real journey through time and an unforgettable experience that awaits you.

Matsumoto City Castle

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