Winter Wonderland: 5 Ways to Put Your Feet in the Matsumoto Snow

In Matsumoto you can see winter coming from a mountain away. In every direction the peaks and slopes begin to turn white, and soon we’re all walking in a winter wonderland. So how to best take advantage of the fluffy stuff? Here are 5 ways to get out and put your feet in the winter Matsumoto snow.

Ski & Snowboard Japan’s Best Powder in Hakuba

The world was introduced to the slopes of Hakuba in 1998 when Nagano hosted the Winter Olympics. Since then millions have come to ski and snowboard what many consider to be the finest powder in all of Japan. It’s so good it even has its own nickname: “J-Pow!” There are 9 ski resorts covering the area. So pick the one that suits your mood and put a little J-Pow in your visit to the snowy center of Japan!

Get High Snowmobiling Up in Utsukushigahara

If flying down the side of a mountain isn’t your thing, then how about flying across Japan’s highest mountain plateau on a snowmobile? Up in the highlands of Utsukushigahara there’s plenty of space to roam, without crowds or lines to slow you down. And on a clear day you can even see Mt. Fuji in the distance!

Find Peace Snowshoeing in Kamikochi

You can also take in the snows of Matsumoto in a slow, peaceful way, in a place where you might find more monkeys than people. The alpine valley of Kamikochi is closed to traffic during winter. So only the hardiest of snow adventure seekers will make the trip on foot through the Kama Tunnel and into the breathtaking beauty of whitened Kamikochi. If you want to see a side of Japan few ever experience, this is your chance!

An Ice Climbing Adventure in Norikura

Combine a day of snowshoeing with the thrill of climbing a wall of ice at fantastical frozen Zengoro Falls in Norikura. As the freezing weeks roll on this waterfall and the world around it turn into a wonderland of snow and ice that will bankrupt your vocabulary. Head for the Norikura Kogen Visitor Center and you’ll be well on your way to a scene like no other.

There’s Fun for the Kids Too!

Got little ones? No worries! More and more we’re finding places that understand that playing in the snow isn’t just for us big kids. From bunny slopes to snow slides to snowshoes in kids’ sizes, the big winter playgrounds in and around Matsumoto offer plenty of pint-sized fun.

So whatever your idea of winter wonderland fun, bundle up and head out and put your feet in the snow, for your favorite version of enjoying Matsumoto and the best powder Japan has to offer.

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