Working in Japan: Our Interview in Japan Magazine n°13

Japan fascinates and attracts many visitors, some of whom wish to have a deeper experience here. Thus, many people dream of living and working in Japan, whether as part of a simple work experience abroad or the full makings of a true expatriation. To reach this goal, any useful information is good to have! This is fortunate, because this is exactly what the latest issue of Japan Magazine offers with their special documentary “Going to Work in Japan”!

They went to work in Japan

Japan Magazine’s Léa Van Cuyck meets not only with people who have lived in Japan before, like Jean Christophe and Vincent, but also people still living in Japan today, like Sylvain Danjaume, founder of Welcome-Matsumoto. Their experience of the work culture in Japan will be of great help to you! As Sylvain points out:

When working for a company in Japan, you have to understand and assimilate with a work culture which is quite different. Often times the Japanese [workers] put work before family. This involves long hours spent in the workplace, although I would argue that many of those hours spent there are not necessarily productive. Paid holidays exist, but are not as numerous as in France, and it is very difficult to ask for them all in a row. Two weeks of vacation is not the norm here.

Read the full article in the latest issue of Japan Magazine (available only in French)

Working in Japan Magazine

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