A Guide to Matsumoto: Not to be missed

Matsumoto is not just limited to its castle and historic downtown. The areas surrounding the city offer picturesque landscapes both natural and historical. Hop on a bicycle and explore the Japanese countryside. Or stroll along the legendary Zenkoji kaido road which was once traveled by the lords of Matsumoto Castle. Let’s not forget a night tour of the city’s best Izakaya, finishing with an unforgetable view of the illuminated castle. Discover all the possibilities available to you with a guide to Matsumoto of things not to be missed!

eTour of Matsumoto: e-cycling around the city

Matsumoto is at its heart a country town where you can enjoy the tranquility of the Japanese countryside. The city offers many breathtaking landscapes. Its many fields as far as the eye can see, its small traditional country houses and its beautiful surrounding mountains are a definite must see! Explore trendy places and a leisurely country ride through the city’s surroundings via electric bicycle!

Walk in the footsteps of the Castle Lords

As part of their feudal duties, the lords of Matsumoto Castle were once required to travel outside the limits of their domain of the castle town. The old Zenkoji Road, an extension of the famous Nakasendo Road, was a commonly used route to the Zenkoji Buddhist temple in Nagano City. A portion of this road still awaits your discovery and will lead you among the footsteps of the castle lords, to the historic edifice of Satoyama Villa Honjin.

Izakaya Night Walking Tour and Castle Illumination

Izakaya are a vital part of Japanese culture and ideal hangout places! It is here where you will have the best chance to share a drink and a moment with the the city locals. At least that is, if you have a local guide who knows the best Izakaya to go to. Discover the local Izakaya and enjoy some delicious local food and sake with a guide who can speak for you. Afterwards follow your guide to the historic castle to enjoy the night illuminations!

A guide to Matsumoto of other touristic spots and activities not to be missed:

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