Local Cuisine in the Countryside For Vegetarians & Japanese Food Lovers

For the first time this year, Welcome-Matsumoto and the Matsumoto Tourism Association conducted a Monitor Tour in which we explored the local cuisine in the countryside around Matsumoto. The main event was tasting wild plants from the Nagawa countryside in deep-fried tempura, which can be a delicious experience for vegetarians and Japanese food lovers. In addition our guests enjoyed Shinshu Salmon, the same fish served at the 2019 G20 Environment Ministerial Meetings in Karuizawa! 

Nagawa Countryside

Nagawa is a region located just a few kilometers from Matsumoto City. It is in a remote valley between the Norikura Highlands and the famous Kamikochi National Park. The Nagawa Valley offers spectacular mountain scenery and a true immersion into Japanese rural life.

The wild edible plants of the region

The main purpose of this visit was to explore the wild edible plants of the region. Our guide took us to the edge of a small hillside to pick different plants such as Warabi or Yamaudo.

Tempura, a Japanese culinary tradition

After the picking activity concluded, we began tasting these wild plants in deep fried Tempura! Prepared in a pop-up outdoor kitchen in front of the restaurant, this was a really delightful experience and enjoyed by all who participated! And that was only the appetizer…

A Minister’s lunch

Later inside the restaurant our lunch included more Tempura, more of these plants prepared in a variety of traditional forms and everyone was given the opportunity to try delicious Shinshu Salmon. Some gourmet products from the local Shimizu Farm were provided as well. This farm is world famous and had the honor of serving its dishes at the last G20 Environment Ministerial Meetings 2019 in Karuizawa.

A unique experience coming soon!

Welcome-Matsumoto and the Matsumoto Tourism Association (in Japanese only) will soon make this experience available for exclusive bookings through our partner website Matsumoto-Experience.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us for further information and updates about this local cuisine experience in the countryside!

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