Japan Magazine: Discover Matsumoto while respecting the local life and people

Presenting the release of the new Japan Magazine, discover Matsumoto City through the eyes of Léa Van Cuyck. Her fascinating article “Matsumoto: Discover this region while respecting the local life” perfectly sums up what to expect when visiting Matsumoto. Between nature, tradition and modernity, discover all the secrets of Matsumoto City from your own home, and prepare for your future trip to Japan!

Extract from the article

Become lost in a field of green which transforms according to the mood of the seasons! Matsumoto is a gateway to Japan’s cultural past. Located in the heart of the Japanese Alps, this rural region has an economy mainly centered on agriculture, from rice, wasabi and wheat fields, to grape vineyards and apple orchards. Learn More

All the natural elements make up the best local cuisine. Pure water from thermal springs and locally grown rice is transformed into high quality sake. From Japan’s most famous Wasabi Farm, comes fresh Wasabi available in many products for all seasons, including pickles, crackers, beer and even ice cream! The Matsumoto region is also famous for its high quality soba, a noodle made from locally harvested buckwheat flour.

The construction of Matsumoto Castle began during the Sengoku period (early- 16th century). Nicknamed Karasu-jō because of its black color, the castle helped establish domination over several clans in the region at a time when much of Japan was rocked by conflict and political intrigue. Learn More

Matsumoto Castle was designated a “National Historic Site” in 1930. The castle itself is the oldest six-story fortress and one of only twelve still standing in Japan. The main tower listed a “national treasure of Japan” in 1936, is one of only five period originals fully preserved to this day. Learn More

Matsumoto’s history is extremely rich with tales of samurai and ninja!

If you want to experience the authentic rural way of life in Japan, be sure to explore the countryside surrounding Matsumoto. Many spa resorts are scattered around the city and endless hiking trails originate from Kamikochi Park.

Finally, take the time to stroll through the public garden adjacent to Matsumoto Castle. Experience some of the many cultural events which take place here every year.

Visiting Matsumoto

Discover Matsumoto and its local way of life through this exciting and fascinating article in the new issue of Japan Magazine (only in French), and plan your visit to Matsumoto city with the help of our resident English speaking guides.

Experience Matsumoto from a local’s point of view!

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