Sushi experience in a real Japanese cuisine

Sushi is one of Japan’s most popular dishes and yet places where you can make your own are rare, especially alongside a real Sushi Master. But thanks to Welcome-Matsumoto and the Matsumoto Tourism Association, soon it will be possible to have that Sushi experience in a authentic Japanese cuisine! One of the city’s best sushi restaurants will open its kitchen doors between services for your introduction to the world’s most unique culinary art!

Shinshu Salmon

It may seem surprising that a city and a region without direct access to the sea offers a sushi experience! However out of all our local specialties, Shinshu Salmon is one of the highest ranked fish in the whole country. Renowned by Japanese people everywhere, this farmed fish has a rich and exquisite flavor ideal for sushi. 

Sushi Experience

Making sushi is always a fun and interesting activity. But making your own sushi under the guidance of a real Sushi Master is a far more unique and rewarding experience! Discover the passion for authentic Japanese cuisine and meet some genuine sushi enthusiasts along the way!

Taste your creations

After all your efforts, you can then relax! Sit serenely at your table and enjoy your own sushi. Genuine local Shinshu Salmon will be accompanied with an assortment of other kinds of sushi and include some very fresh Wasabi from our local farms.

A unique experience coming soon

We at Welcome Matsumoto and the Matsumoto Tourism Association (in Japanese only) will soon be providing this new experience through our partner website Matsumoto-Experience.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us for any inquiries about this Sushi experience in real Japanese cuisine!  

Our tour was broadcast on NBS Nagano

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