Find the Most Beautiful Cherry Blossoms in Matsumoto

Cherry Blossoms in Matsumoto sakura

Spring has once again come to Matsumoto! The air is warmer, the evenings are longer, and the trees are exploding in white and pink. Everywhere you turn you’ll see these famous flowers called ‘sakura’. But if you want to find the most beautiful cherry blossoms in Matsumoto, it’s good to know where to look. Lucky for you, we know exactly where to go!

Matsumoto Castle – of course!

Yes, this is a given! Matsumoto Castle is a beautiful sight on its own. Surrounded by sakura, Japan’s oldest extant castle keep takes on an aura of fairytale proportions.

And yet there’s more than just the main castle itself. Take a walk around the grounds and you’ll see.

Hit the Town…

Away from the castle too are places and pockets of visual treasure, enhanced by the beauty of the blossoms. One such site is Agata-no-mori Park, where you’ll also find the intriguing Matsumoto Old Higher School Museum.

Then Head for the Hills

Even a modest change in altitude can make a big difference when you take in the sakura of town.

Keep in mind that to see Matsumoto in all its blossoming glory you’ll need some planning and a little bit of luck. The sakura petals begin to fall within a week or so of opening up. And the season varies each year: 2021 marked the earliest that the cherry blossoms have reached their peak since records of such things were first kept over 1,200 years ago. But don’t let that deter you!


Yes, checking out the castle during sakura season is a must! But remember that there is much more to see. So give us a shout and let us help you find the most beautiful cherry blossoms in Matsumoto.

Matsumoto Discovery - Walking Private Tour
Matsumoto Discovery – Walking Private Tour

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