Staff wanted for the upcoming summer season in Okinawa!

Beach Jobs

We are seeking highly motivated staff to work at Japan’s most popular beach resort area in Okinawa for the upcoming summer season. Each candidate must have at least basic Japanese language ability. Full time positions are available depending on your level of Japanese language proficiency. Candidates are expected to start around mid-April/early May, but some positions also become available at different times all year round. Share accommodations and meals are provided for you and costs are deducted from your paycheck.

We offer help throughout the WHV visa application process for those who need assistance. Please note that Japanese citizens, permanent residents and spouse or child of Japanese National Visas are also accepted.


  • Position(s): Beach Jobs / Tourism Industry (Restaurant/Waiter/Waitress, Hotel/Front Desk/Bellhop/Housekeeping, Gift Shop etc.)
  • Location: Okinawa Prefecture
  • Duration: 3+ months
  • Skills and Knowledge:
  • Previous experience a plus, but not required
  • Basic Japanese (ability to speak and understand spoken Japanese) and English
  • Hours: 40-50 hours weekly
  • Hourly Wage: ¥ 853/hour
    *Please note that a governmental tax of 20% is applied for anyone not already living in Japan for more than 12 months
  • Starting Date: From April 2024


Please contact us through the online form below to apply for beach jobs in Japan. We will respond to your request within 48h regarding your application process.

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