The « Tamayura » Collection : Poetry by Shizuka Miyatsu – Available now!

We are pleased to announce the release of the Tamayura collection of poems – “I listen to myself attentively in silence” – available today! Take an opportunity to discover a local poet in bilingual French and Japanese. Shizuka Miyatsu – 宮津静 – invites you to share his unique vision of the world around him through his poetry. Meet the poet of Matsumoto!

Shizuka & Miyatsu

I am giving you a part of Me, so that you no longer feel alone. In the world, one is with the other.”


Western poets say that life is transitory and beautiful. One example of this is the Japanese tea ceremony, Simple beauty, without excess, but possessing a deep spirituality. These are my values. Beauty is the status quo, but only the beauty of words and deeds remain.

Birds and trees

The World is full of beauty. It is not easy to discover beauty in all things, but the beauty of nature is undeniable. There is beauty in birds, trees and even pebbles. All you have to do is uncover this beauty in everything.

I listen to myself attentively in silence

I don’t care much about money. What matters to me more is living and feeling. I feel wealthy in developing a deep consciousness. That’s why I think art is precious. A good work of art nourishes the spirit and I admire the person who created it. I think one good spirit cultivates another good spirit.

Unhealthy Solitude

It seems that in this world a sense longing is an important condition. It doesn’t matter how many poems I write. If just one touches you, I will be filled with joy. One good spirit cultivates another good spirit. I am in solitude, but I know that I am not alone.


The « Tamayura » Collection extract
The way to be alone
The way the sky goes down
The way birds fly
The way fish swim
The way the river flows
I want you to teach me those
If I could
Be like them
It would simply be

*Note: The “Tamayura” Collection is only available in a bilingual French-Japanese version.

How to get “Tamayura”

“Tamayura” is a collection of 62 poems for a total of 165 pages available at 2,200 Yen (around 19 USD)


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The « Tamayura » Collection Forest Time
“Forest Time” by Shizuka Miyatsu

Shizuka Miyatsu’s world in pictures

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All pictures were taken by Shizuka Miyatsu

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