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Matsumoto City has a unique environment surrounding its historic castle, which offers an authentic and enjoyable Japanese experience. However, this historic aspect of the city is not limited to its castle, but also includes the city itself, its surrounding fields and the mountain vistas, which stretch as far as the eye can see, offering a breathtaking view. Additionally, its cuisine highlights the deeply rural culture of the region. So, what could be better than experiencing the city with a local guide while enjoying a special deal?

Discover the city with “Matsumoto-Experience”

Matsumoto-Experience has been created in partnership with Matsumoto Tourism Association and with the support of Nagano Prefecture Community Development Funds. Our primary goal is to help you enjoy a richer experience during your stay in Matsumoto through various cultural experiences. You can find more information on our Tours & Activities page.

Instead of just dropping by the famous landmarks, Matsumoto-Experience and our local guide team hopes to share with you a deep-dive into local life, history, nature, culture and cuisine. So that you can take home a truly unforgettable experience!

Special Deal: Up to 20% in savings!

Matsumoto-Experience in partnership with our friends at The Matsumoto Tourism Association, via our TripAdvisor page, offers an exclusive, limited-time 20% discount on the following:

Handmade Soba Making, Sake & Wasabi Lunch

Special Deal soba noodles japan

Buckwheat has long been grown in the mountainous regions of Nagano, lending to its well-established tradition of Soba noodle making (and eating!) This part of the country is famed as the destination for getting the best serving of Soba and so happens to be the locally famous Asama Onsen district as well. But that’s not all! A tasting of the variety of local Sakes and the discovery of fresh authentic Wasabi of the region awaits you!

Walk in the footsteps of the Castle Lords

Special Deal historic walk japan

The ancient lords of Japan made a pilgrimage to Tokyo once every two years, as part of their feudal duties. Long foot hikes therefore awaited the Matsumoto Castle’s lords who also braved the Zenkoji Road, an extension of the famous Nakasendo Road on regular spiritual journeys to the Buddhist temple in Nagano City. During each of these trips, the lords stayed in luxurious hotels such as the Satoyama Villa Honjin, which offered a rural retreat with premium service!

Traditional Cuisine & Castle Town Secrets

Special Deal japanese cuisine

The picturesque flavors of traditional cuisine convey a thousand-year-old message from the past while permitting you to be imbued with local delights. Made from local ingredients and steeped in tradition and history, this gourmet cuisine – also available in vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free versions – will delight the taste buds of anyone! In order to make your immersion in Japan even more complete, we invite you to join us on this fascinating journey into the very heart of Matsumoto City!

eTour de Matsumoto

Special Deal bike rental japan

Far from the Japanese metropolises, come and enjoy a deep breath of fresh air and the magnificent landscapes of Matsumoto City. Ride an electric bicycle (E-Bike) with your guide through the countryside of Matsumoto and discover the main historical sites of the city while enjoying a country ride through the vast fields surrounding the city. The ideal experience for all cycling enthusiasts!

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