The “Tamayura” Collection: Poetry by Shizuka Miyatsu – is coming soon!

We are pleased to present our collaboration with local poet Shizuka Miyatsu on the translation of his works, which soon will be available in Japanese and French! All of us are very proud to be able to share with you his unique vision of the world and help you discover his humble vision. He never stopped writing poetry despite the indifference of his contemporaries. His life is the sensation of existing without existence, silent but with determination! Poetry by Shizuka Miyatsu!

Poetry by Shizuka Miyatsu

The author

Shizuka Miyatsu is a local poet who was born in Matsumoto City on June 5th, 1963. Although Matsumoto was his birthplace, most of his formative years have been spent in the metropolis of Tokyo. Throughout his adult life he has lived in many other cities and regions all across Japan, from the city of Osaka to Hakodate in Hokkaido. He is determined to keep his mind and heart open to the world which surrounds him.

Shizuka Miyatsu also takes inspiration from his many travels across the globe, mainly cities in Europe, from London to Paris and even Vienna, Austria.

Following Shizuka Miyatsu’s 2018 return to Matsumoto (a town steeped in history around its feudal castle), he continued to write poetry, drawing inspiration from his special relationship with nature and other beings – living around him.

Poetry by Shizuka Miyatsu vision

His works

Shizuka Miyatsu’s poetry collection “Tamayura” represents most of his written works since his return to Matsumoto. The title of the collection was not chosen by accident.

The word Tamayura literally translates as “a short moment in time”. However, it also represents the low noise produced by Magatama when they collide.

Magatama are traditional Japanese ornaments characterized by their comma shapes, evoking a fang, a bear claw or even the number 9. Magical powers are attributed to these objects, like that of an amulet. A famous Magatama is contained in the Imperial Treasury of Japan. The Yasakani no Magatama was first used during a coronation ceremony of the emperor. It is still used today in ceremonies across the country and has become an important part of modern spiritualism.

Shizuka Miyatsu invites you through his works to open your imaginative ear to the sweet tone that resonates into the distant past. Like a requiem.

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Poetry by Shizuka Miyatsu will soon be available for sale!

Available only in French-Japanese bilingual version.

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“Dreams” by Shizuka Miyatsu

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