Matsumoto Sakura Video 2021 ***New Video***

We are pleased to present our new “Matsumoto Sakura Video 2021” available right now on our YouTube channel. Discover Matsumoto City and its cherry blossoms from a local’s perspective!

Watch our new video…

The Sakura season in Japan is already coming to an end. So now is the perfect time to view our selection of the best images from 2021. Experience the cherry blossoms blooming throughout Matsumoto from the comfort of your own home!

Matsumoto Sakura Video 2021

All the images on our new video were shot at different locations throughout the city. You may recognize Matsumoto Castle or Alps Park. However some other places known only to locals are presented as well. Take the opportunity to step in the shoes of the average Matsumoto resident!

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Our new “Matsumoto Sakura Video 2021” is now available. To discover all of our Sakura videos and more, be sure to visit and follow us on YouTube!

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