Local Wine Tasting around the Hayashi Castle’s Ruins

Matsumoto City is not confined to just its historic city center. Leave the downtown, and a unique journey into the Japanese countryside and passage back through time awaits you. And who can pass up our great wineries! Enjoy a local wine tasting around the Hayashi Castle’s ruins, brought to you by Welcome-Matsumoto and the Matsumoto Tourism Association. This new experience is coming very soon!

Satoyamabe Area

Located in the eastern part of Matsumoto City, Satoyamabe is easily accessible by electric bike. The district has many interesting sites, including a historic school built by the same architect who built the Kaichi School, listed as a National Treasure.

The Ruins of Hayashi Castle

Before the construction of Matsumoto Castle, the Satoyamabe area was home to the Hayashi Castle. Built on a hilltop, this fortification once served as the main defensive structure and the command center for the entire valley.

Local Wine Tasting

There are many fields of rice, soba and strawberries in Satoyamabe. But above everything else it is the local vineyards on which this district’s reputation rests. Explore this often missed area of the city while enjoying local wine tasting near The Hayashi Castle Ruins!

A unique experience coming soon

We at Welcome Matsumoto and the Matsumoto Tourism Association (in Japanese only) will soon be providing this new experience through our partner website Matsumoto-Experience.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us for any inquiries about this Local Wine Tasting near The Hayashi Castle Ruins!  

Our tour was broadcast on TV Matsumoto

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