Living and Working in Historical Downtown Matsumoto

Today was a typical day for living and working in historical downtown Matsumoto. I walked from my apartment to Nawate Street beside the Metoba River.

Living and Working in Historical Downtown Matsumoto frog

The Frog Street

There is lots of frog stuff here in Nawate Street. The entrance features frog statues, shops sell frog souvenirs, there’s even a small frog shrine! This pedestrian street sometimes is bustling with visitors or a lively festival, but today was very quiet and relaxed. I do graphic design and photography at a co-working space above a local bakery called Sweet Work. The old wooden market stalls along the stone walled river banks and arching wooden bridges provide plenty of inspiration for an artist like me.

Local Foods

This street has many small local shops and restaurants. I usually take lunch at a Soba noodle shop or grab a quick snack like Taiyaki (a grill pressed pastry stuffed with sweet bean in the shape of a fish!) Occasionally I pick up some fruit and vegetables from the local market or take a break at a small café.

Yohashira Shrine

Nearby is the Yoshashira Shrine, which is a very peaceful place in the heart of the city. On most days one can clearly see the surrounding Japan Alps. You really get a sense of unity between tradition and modernity here, a blend of nature and urban.

Visit Nawate Street

Nawate Street is centrally located in downtown. From Matsumoto Station you can take a bus, rent a free bicycle or just take a short walk. It only takes about 10 minutes.

Matsumoto Discovery - Walking Private Tour
Matsumoto Discovery – Walking Private Tour

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