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Language: French 

Media Creator / Youtube Content / Social Network

My name is Bastien and I am originally from south of France.

I have worked for several years in the hospitality industry but ever since I was a child, I’ve wanted to discover the film industry and specialize in video production. Obtaining a License in Cinematographic Arts and Cultures, and my desire to remain free-lance has allowed me to obtain some professional projects.

My work has been greatly influenced by Japanese art and culture in the past. Now my dream of actually traveling to Japan and discovering this country has come true. This trip has brought me great inspiration, thanks to the Japanese environment and lifestyle that I was able to experience.

I had the chance to work on audiovisual creations with the theme of discovering historical, playful Matsumoto City and its surroundings.

I hope you will enjoy my vision of Matsumoto, Japan and experience the best representation of this charming city through my personal creations.

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